NANOPLUS Plastisol Series

Nanoprint Kimya San. A.Ş.

NANOPRINT Plastisol Series
is presented to the customer with two product groups: NPL Series and HD Series. While both of our product groups do not
contain phthalate, HD Series does not also contain PVC and shows that the
development of plastisol paint has not ended yet.

Series; it provides soft touch, high covering, ideal elasticity and smooth
surface prints with its PVC content. This product group which can be used for mat
and shiny effects, never causes clogging during working. The product
viscosities are diversified in accordance with the use of our customers. Thus,
it meets customer satisfaction at the highest level by providing quality
working conditions as well as quality printing.

Since NPL Series is
offered as ready colors, all colors can be mixed with each other. Then, it can
be possible to bring an endless range of colors to fashion.

HD Series is our 100%
environment friendly plastisol group with both PVC and phthalate free formula. High elasticity, soft touch, high coverage
and semi-mat prints are possible. It can be
colored with its own color pastes. Since HD
Series never cause clogging during working, it provides to our customers
with suitable working conditions. The fact that it can be used in high plate printing allows our customers
to compete in their own markets.

Phthalate Free PVC Plastisols
PVC and Phthalate Free Plastisols
NANOPLUS Phthalate Free Color Paste